Special Friends of the Hopedale Library event!

Monday, September 21st 6:30-9 pm
Artworks Studio
5 Charlesview Dr., Hopedale

Join us for a great canvas painting night to raise funds for the Bancroft
Memorial Library! Bring snacks and "creative juices".

$30 per person  

Register through the links on The Friends of the Hopedale Library
or Artworks Studio Facebook pages
or at the library. Hope to see you there!

    Solar farm by Route 140 in Hopedale, between Milford
    and Upton nearing completion. The picture below is a
    Google Earth view of the site taken two years ago.

    The Nipmuc Rod & Gun Club was formed many years before the clubhouse
    was built in Upton. Before that, they often met at the Community House.

    Mr. McNamara was the only person in the area to be killed as
    a result of the infamous Hurricane of 1938. He lived at 61
    Bancroft Park. He had gone out to bring his children home.
    They had stopped at their grandparents' house after school.
    He died when the chimney was blown down.

Hopedale in September

Hopedale history ezine for September 1 - A Game of Bluff?   

Ezine for September 15 -
The Parklands   

Hopedale in August                        HOME

    Photo of a T-car taken by DJ Malloy in the Ashmont section of
    Dorchester. This car looks like it belongs in Hopedale. Last week
    DJ took a picture of a T-car that had the same number as the
    Milford ZIP. Lots of cars on that line have numbers starting 017.

    Thanks to Atria Draper Place for giving this picture of
    the Draper exhibit at an early twentieth century trade
    show to the senior center at the Community House.

    If you've ever walked up or down the Community House steps, you know it's a bit
    tricky. Seven inches is standard for risers. The riser to the top one is eleven
    inches, and the others are also more than seven. This job will take care of the
    problem and railings will be installed also. Thanks for the information, Bernie.

    The picture above shows where George Street, Mendon meets Mill Street, Hopedale. That's in
    the vicinity described in the chestnut tree article. I wonder it the tree is still there. Probably not.
    Sometimes they get to be about 20 feet tall and bear nuts, but then it's not long until they get
    hit by the blight.

    And a bit more. Hope the one on the
    right doesn't make you dizzy.

Jones Road barn as seen from my backyard.

Day in the Park - September 12

Click here to read the report.

    Actually I do have a couple of those,
    but none of the other "apple devices."

    Boy Scouts burning flags at Day in the Park. Here's a bit about that from a website on
    the subject.

    No, you can't throw those little flags away.  The only "respectable" way to dispose of a
    worn or soiled flag is to give it a ceremonial and dignified retirement, preferably by
    burning it.  The American Legion and Boy Scouts burn thousands of flags every year
    in respectful retirement ceremonies.

Woodland asters in the Parklands - September 13.

    And a bit more about American chestnuts. (Yes, American chestnuts, not to be
    confused with horse chestnuts.) This is something of a rare site. While paddling
    along the Upton side of North Pond, we saw a couple of chestnut trees with a good
    number of chestnuts. What you see here wouldn't have been considered a good
    number 100 years ago, but I've never seen that many. I was able to pick six from
    lower branches, but these in the picture were too high to reach.

    The Sacred Heart window at Sacred Heart Church was given to
    the parish by Deacon Joe Manella, in memory of his wife, Ann.
    The chapel was dedicated in his honor on September 12.

    Elaine and I went to the Adirondack Balloon Fest on September 19.
    About 100 balloons went into the air early that morning. Click here
    if you'd like to see a lot more pictures of it.

    The new bowling alleys at the Community House have been
    completed and are waiting for you to give them a try.

    Why would anyone tie bags around branches of a
    sassafras tree? This one had three carefully tied bags
    on it. Seems like a strange way to make sassafras tea.

The Milford Journal - 1873

    The map above shows Mark Andolina's Eagle Scout project in
    which he placed milage markers along the Parklands road
    and some of the side trails.  Click here for more about it.

Three out of millions of comments after Facebook went down for a while on September 24.

    Joe Leoncini (above, on left) was honored at the
    senior center on September 24 as the Boston Post
    cane recipient, recognizing him as Hopedale's
    oldest resident. Click here to see more photos.

    The Tri-Valley Front Runners race, starting on Park Street,
    on September 26. Click here to see more pictures.