Adirondack Balloon Fest - Floyd Bennett Field, New York.

    Above - Friday evening - September 18, 2015. Wind was causing a good deal of
    difficulty in inflating the balloons and only a few got off the ground.

    Below - Saturday morning, around 6 AM, September 19. Conditions were much
    better and about 100 balloons went into the air.

    Elaine and I went up in a tethered balloon. My guess is that it rose to about 50 feet. In the
    picture above, the "smiling balloon" is the tethered one. The next five pictures are from my ride.

    Elaine went on a separate "trip." I took pictures from the
    ground. That's her in the grey sweatshirt.

    Below - Shortly after our balloon ride, we were back on the
    bus which was leaving for our motel. We couldn't have been
    more than two miles from the area where the balloons went
    up, when we began to see some of them landing. The pictures
    below were taken looking through the bus window.

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