The boathouse? The boathouse??? Who started calling that the boathouse? From the time that it was
    built in 1904 up through the time swimming ended at the pond, it was always the bath house. Why bath
    house? It's because what we'd now refer to as going for a swim used to be called taking a bath. For many
    years the annual Park Department report included the number of "baths taken" at the pond. Over the past
    few years I've heard it called the boathouse more often than the bath house. There were boathouses
    along the shore of the pond also, but the last one fell apart and floated away decades ago.

Boathouses along the Hopedale Street side of the pond.

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Hopedale in October 2015

Hopedale history ezine for October 1 - The Milford Water Company   

October 15 -
Letter to the Editor, 1873   

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    Thanks to Carl Glatky for reminding me about Historic New England's collection of
    material from the office of architect Robert Allen Cook. The blueprint of the Draper
    duplex above is just one of 3,500 architectural drawings in their Cook collection.
    Cook drew plans for many buildings in Hopedale, including duplexes, boarding
    houses, Draper mansions, and Draper shops and offices. I have a framed  Cook
    blueprint of my house a few feet from where I'm sitting now. Click here to go to the
    Cook collection on the Historic New England site. It's mainly a list of what they have.
    There aren't many blueprints like the one above.

    There will be celebration of the life of
    Elizabeth Cox on October 24 from 11 to 2
    at the Hopedale Community House.

    I noticed that someone from the blog, Dry Goods Diary, had
    looked at one of the Margaret Draper (Princess Boncompagni)
    pages. I went to their site to see why they were interested in her.
    It turns out that her plus-sized clothing is for sale by
    Amalgamated Classic Clothing and Dry Goods. Click here if
    you'd like to see where this goes after  "the freshman 15," and
    "Then I got a desk job..."

    In the first clipping, Margaret was referred to as an only child.
    She was her mother's only child, but her father, General Draper,
    have five other children from his first marriage.

    There are at least a few dozen clumps of New England asters like this
    one in the old town dump. It's the most I've ever seen in one location.

    Click here to go to a Milford News article on
    the accident at the Hopedale Package Store.

    The postcard message on the left, was sent from Hopedale
    to a lady in Antrim, New Hampshire in 1912. The view of the
    Unitarian Church shown below, was on the other side. The
    postcard picture of Antrim, above, was taken in the same era.
    Thanks to Ann Halsing for sending the one from "Box 475"
    and another that shows Eben Draper's residence.

Geese over Hopedale Pond - October 6.

Heron in the weeds - October 6.

Hopedale Pond - October 6. Click here for more.

The Milford Journal - 1873

    The Gravestone Girls (one of them, anyway) put on an excellent program about the
    history of gravestones, including many pictures from the two Hopedale cemeteries
    at the Bancroft Library in October 2013. Their program at the Milford Library will be
    90 minutes long, and will include pictures from each of the Milford cemeteries.

    I have a Brother printer/scanner/copier/fax I'd like to give
    away. It's just two or three years old and seems to be
    working fine. If interested, email me. I don't want to get
    involved in packing it and mailing it. I'm looking for
    someone who can come here and pick it up. Dan M.

Here's what Valley Tech looked like fifty years ago.

Hopedale Pond - October 23

Spindleville Pond - October 24

The ice rink - open again - October 24.

Squirrel in Central Burying Ground, Boston Common. Photo by DJ.

    Near the east side entrance to the Parklands. Click
    here to see the wording on the plaque on the rock.

Six geese a floating.

Seven swans a swimming

Freedom Street - October 27.

Road race, October 31 - Click here for more.

Dual Valley Conference Cross Country Championships - October 31.
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A few Halloween visitors on Inman Street.