Words that first appeared in the
    Merriam-Webster dictionary in 1920.

    A few years ago Muriel (Henry) Tinkham wrote her memories of growing up on a small dairy
    farm at 200 Dutcher Street. One thing she mentioned was a horse chestnut tree that grew
    near the street. The picture above shows a large horse chestnut tree at that same location
    now. The same one, or a descendant? I don't know, but Muriel remembered it from the
    1940s and 1950s, Here are her father's three rules for neighborhood kids and the tree.

    Another attraction was a huge chestnut tree that grew near the road but inside the fence of
    the calf pasture. When the chestnuts started to fall, all the kids in the neighborhood would
    show up to pick them up. Dad had some rules. 1. You can't climb on the fence or get into
    the pasture. 2. You can't climb the tree. 3. You can't shake or try to hit the branches.

The G&U yard in Hopedale, June 1.

Thanks to Don Howes, who posted this on Facebook.

    While we were walking in Millbury on June 1, DJ noticed that it said Garcons
    over an entrance to the school at Assumption Church. We went to the other
    side for the other picture. Throughout the Blackstone Valley, the French-
    Canadians built many churches and established many schools. Here in
    Hopedale, we garcons had our side of the playground and our entrance,
    separate from the filles, at both the Dutcher Street and the Park Street
    schools. I think the assumption (no pun intended) in both parochial and
    public schools must have been that letting the garcons and the filles get
    together was just asking for trouble.

    Dear residents,
    As required by the state every year the Hopedale Water Department is implementing
    mandatory water restrictions on all non-essential outside water use between the hours
    of 9 AM and 5 PM effective immediately. These restrictions are state mandated under
    the department’s water management act permit due to low stream flows within the
    Blackstone river basin. Please visit the town of Hopedale web site for a complete listing
    of prohibited non-essential water use and those uses allowed within this time period.

    Once the streamflow gage returns to normal for seven consecutive days, we will notify
    all water users of any changes to the water restrictions.

Hopedale in June 2020

Hopedale in May   

Ezine for May -
Adin Ballou by Rev. Hammon, Part 2   

Ezine for June -
Sacred Heart at 50   

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    Above - Billy Draper's Store when the Garland
    family owned it. Click here for more.

    Below - notes with the photo. This was a Milford
    News picture, that's now for sale on ebay.



  Bellingham - 96    118    123

  Blackstone - 29    43    44

  Douglas - 29    42    44

  Framingham - 1159    1625

  Franklin - 98    120    124

  Grafton - 63    87    94

  Holliston - 44    56    56

  Hopedale - 22    39    39

  Hopkinton - 104    115    119

  Marlboro - 581    918    938

  Mendon - 15    27    27
Milford  -  470    609    617

Millville - 13    13    15

Northboro - 150    204    220

Northbridge - 206    300    304

Shrewsbury - 240    306    307

Sutton - 38    47    51

Upton - 15    24    24

Uxbridge - 55    65    67

Westboro - 251    323    333

Worcester - 2989    4681    4910
Coronavirus cases by town

First number - Jan 1 - May 6
Second number - Jan 1 - May 27

Third number - Jan 1 - June 3

From The Boston Globe

In case you can't read it, "From the bus drivers."

A drone photo of Hopedale Pond by Doug Scott.

    Hopedale march for justice, June 3. Milford News photo. Click here
    to go to the Milford News article, more pictures, and video.

    Work on extending the G&U
    track into Milford is continuing.

Click here to see the Milford News article

Haying next to Washington Street in Mendon - June 15.

    House sparrows still in the nest getting fed by mom
    on the 14th,and out and able to fly on the 15th.

    This would be the Blackstone River, but way back it
    was decided that it's name should be changed at the
    point where it becomes tidal, so it's called the Seekonk
    River. A bit further downstream it changes again, and
    becomes the Providence River, before emptying into
    Naragansett Bay.

    Above- Scullers at practice. We could hear the voice of
    the coach on her megaphone about a mile before we
    were near them.

    Below- The Slater Mill, "Birthplace of the American
    Industrial Revolution." It looked like time to turn around.

    Did you know a Box turtle only roams 1 mile its whole life? If it is removed from its
    area/home then for the rest of its life it will roam aimlessly stressed out... trying to find
    "home" until it dies a very sad death.

    Please do not remove turtles. Do not take them home as pets. If one is injured please
    mark the exact spot found for the wildlife center. If a turtle is in the road you can help by
    moving it directly across the street in the direction it was heading. Thank you!

    Thanks for sending this, Kathy V. See more about this on boxturtles.com   

    Don Howes - Hopedale Board of Health

    June 13 at 10:12 AM  · Shared with Members of Hopedale MA Bulletin Board

    Today and every Saturday at the Hopedale Recycling Center you may drop
    off your bagged cans and bottles. This benefits the Troop 1 Boy Scouts.

    Please use bags that can be tied so as to not add to the mess.

Milford Sunday News - June 21, 2020

    The G&U Raiload is now connected to the rail line in Milford. Click here
    for more pictures from March through June 20 showing work from the
    bridge at Hopedale Street to the end at South Cedar Street, Milford.

For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield                                                                            by Crosby, Stills & Nash.
Boston Globe - June 29