This machine is a doffer. It takes bobbins that have been wound
    with thread off and replaces them with empty bobbins,

This worker is using a strobe light.

    Andy Nealley shown setting up lights to get a good picture part of a
    loom. Andy worked in Charlie Shanahan's photography department.

    Gordon Good, on the right, is working
    in the materials testing lab.

Shuttleless loom assembly line.

    The first station on the fly shuttle
    loom assembly line.

    Near the end of the fly shuttle loom assembly line. They'd run the looms
    when they got to the end of the line to make sure they worked.

    Looms going to mills at a distance would be sent by train.
    These looms, on trucks and uncovered, must not have
    been going very far; perhaps to mills in Massachusetts.
    The shipping department, where these pictures were
    taken, was across Hopedale Street from Adin Ballou Park.

Draper Corporation - Hopedale, Massachusetts

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