Clare Hill Draper   

    George Otis Draper   

    Edith Draper Blair   Daughter of General William and Lilla Draper; married Montgomery Blair, Jr.-  
    family of the original owners of Blair House in Washington, D.C. The link goes to a condensed
    version of Edith's diary written when she was a student at Miss Porter's School. At one time the
    entire diary was online, but that's no longer available.

    Margaret Draper   (Princess Boncompagni, aka Madame Boncompagni)  Pictures  baby --  adult  


    Helene Draper (Articles on debutante balls, parties and wedding.)





                                                                    The Draper Companies

    Draperville (Grantham Historical Society slide show of the Draper bobbin plants in North Newport
    and North Grantham, NH in the early  twentieth century.)

    Draper plant photos that appear to be from the 1960s. Saved by Bob Anderson of Upton when
    Rockwell people were discarding them.   Page 1 (machinery and workers - some from the West
    Foundry) Page 2 (machinery and workers)     Page 3 (machinery and workers)     Page 4
    (machinery and workers)     Page 5 (office workers, executives and meetings)     Page 6 (loom
    assembly)     Page 7 (people)     Page 8 (shuttle department)     Page 9 (salesmen's book -
    captioned photos)     Page 10 (the rest of the salesmen's book)   Page 11  (more pictures from
    inside the shop)   Page 12 (building the West Foundry)     

    Mike Cyr   (Working in textile mills, including one that used Draper looms.)

    Water leak - ((Ends manufacturing in rented space at Draper shop in 1988.)

                                                             Other Draper-Related Pages

    The "other Drapers"   A little about some of the many Drapers in Hopedale who were not related to
    the "corporation Drapers."

    Garages   (Car garages for people living in Draper houses.)

    White City   (Memories of that Draper neighborhood by John Chute.)

    White City   ( Memories of Hermina Cichanwicz Marcus.)

    Joseph Bancroft (Lilla Bancroft Bracken Pratt's story of her father's life. The Bancrofts have been
    included here because, in addition to Joseph's position with the Draper Company, the Drapers and
    the Bancrofts were related. Sylvia's sister Anna was married to Ebenezer Draper, and her sister
    Hannah was married to George Draper. Also, Joseph was an executive with the various Draper
    companies nearly all of his working life, and president of Draper Company for the last couple of
    years of his life.

    Sylvia Bancroft (An account of her life written by her daughter, Lilla Bancroft Bracken Pratt.)

    Almon Thwing (Included here because of Thwing's relationship to the Draper family and company
    through three of his sisters.)



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