In the years after Rockwell International closed its Draper Division in Hopedale and sold
    the plant, new owners rented out space to a number of companies. That came to an end in
    January 1988 because of the event that is the subject of the Milford Daily News article

    Among the companies that had been housed there were Incase (makers of display boxes,
    jewelry boxes, cases for pens, eyeglass cases, etc), Consolidated Coating (contract spray
    painting of parts for various items), Opus (bird feeders), and Ironworks Gym.

    Opus and Consolidated Coating are now (2013) in Bellingham, and Incase is on Mellen
    Street in Hopedale. Polyfoam's nearest location is in Northbridge. The only place in
    Massachusetts where an Ironworks Gym is located seems to be in Gardner.

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