This picture was dated 1902. It appears to have been taken in front of Henry Patrick's Store. The picture appeared in the
    Milford Daily News some years ago with the following caption: This old-time photo of the Hopedale Marching Band was taken
    around 1902. The band took part in parades and concerts throughout the Milford area. John L. Manuel of Milford, son of one
    of the bandsmen identified most of the members. Front row, from left, Silas Staples, Sterling Freethy, Fred Osgood, unknown.
    Second row, from left, Wesley Knights, Peter O. Gaskill, B. J. Manuel, W.R. Beals, William Nuttall, Victor Wise. Back row, Mr.
    Cole, Jesse Warren, Lyman Sweet, Warren Stimpson, Walter Watson, Roscoe Steere, Daniel Warren and Wilfred Scott.

Hopedale band, 1911

    This band was photographed at the Community
    House, but no other information is available.

    And this band picture is also from 1902. Looks like
    the same drum and many of the same names.

Band concert at Town Park - 1952.

    It says "1938" near the lower left, but there's a "10" over to the right. 1910
    seems much more likely, considering what the women on the right are
    wearing. Also, there appear to be similarities with the 1911 band below.