Hopedale Coal & Ice Company

    At one time there was a Hopedale Coal Company and a Hopedale Ice Company.
    Eventually they joined to form Hopedale Coal & Ice. Ice was cut on Hopedale Pond and
    stored in a big icehouse on the west side of Hopedale Pond, where the Gannett home is
    now. It was probably in the early1940s when they stopped getting ice from the pond and
    started making it.

    I remember ice being delivered to a few homes in my neighborhood on Oak Street in the
    1950s. I don't know when that stopped, but I doubt it was still going on by the late fifties.

    The buildings that housed Coal & Ice were originally some of the Hopedale Stable
    buildings. The picture with three cars showing was taken in 2002. The big building in that
    photo (and in the two above it) was first a Hopedale Stable barn and later was where the
    ice was made. After it was no longer used for that, it was operated as Hopedale Hardware
    for many years in the mid-twentieth century. It was razed around 2005 or 2006. The picture
    at the bottom was taken in May 2007. Thanks to Russ Dennett for assistance with this
    page. Thanks also to John Butcher for the Hopedale Stable office photo, the artificial ice
    article, and the timeline below.

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In 1870 our establishment was called the Hopedale Stable Company. It was
situated on Hopedale Street opposite Union Street. We dealt primarily in hay,
wood and ice then. In 1901 Hopedale Stable moved to its present location on
Hope Street,and in July  1907, the company was incorporated under its present
name of Hopedale Coal and Ice Company. Milford Daily News, March 30, 1965.
c 2002

    At some point, the Hopedale Stable Company became the Hopedale Coal
    Company and the Hopedale Ice Company. After a few years, they were
    combined to form Hopedale Coal & Ice Company.

Timeline by John Butcher

    The former Hopedale Coal & Ice office, used as a home in
    recent years, razed in November 2014. Click here for more
    photos of  the demolition of Coal & Ice buildings at that time.