This picture is a bit of a puzzle. It was with the rest of the Coal & Ice flood
    pictures, but  the fence isn't in any of them. Also, I can't place the little
    building on the right. If it was taken looking downstream from the Coal &
    Ice area, that would be the cemetery and almost looks like it could be the
    General Draper mausoleum, except for the door on that side.

    The pictures above are from Craig Travers and originally belonged to his
    neighbor, Arthur Allen. Arthur was a lifelong friend of Bill Barney, whose father
    was manager of Hopedale Coal & Ice for decades. Bill, Sr was also an amateur
    photographer. Bill, Jr., who was born in 1922, said he never saw his father take a
    picture. As far as he knew, all of his father's pictures were taken between 1890
    and 1910. Another clue that the pictures on this page were doen by Barney is that
    Arthur definitely had other Barney picturews in his possession. While it seems
    likely that these pictures were done by Barney, I can't say that I'm 100% sure of
    that. The picture below is from John Butcher.

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