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    The photos on this page are from Benjamin Helm Bristow: Border
    State Politician, by Ross A. Webb. Thanks to Bob Gannett for the book.
    Dorothy Draper Hamlen was Bob's grandmother.

    The name, Bristow, has been in Hopedale since 1883. That's the year when Eben Sumner Draper and Nannie Bristow
    were married. Their son, Benjamin Helm Bristow Draper, was born in 1883 and died in 1944. His son, Benjamin "Ben"
    Helm Bristow Draper, Jr. was born in 1908 and died in 1957. (Evidently Ben had moved out of town sometime in 1953.
    That's the last year that his name is in the street listing books.) William "Bill" Bristow Gannett, son of Dorothy Draper
    Gannett Hamlin, and grandson of Eben and Nannie, was born in 1923. Bill didn't grow up in Hopedale, but he and his wife
    Nancy moved to Hopedale in 1949, and he is still here as I write this in 2016.