The building with the three windows showing in the left middle (white circle) appears to be The Little Red Shop.  It was attached
    to a three story brick building with an enclosed walkway.  The roof of that walkway is visible in this picture. (red circle) Part of The
    Little Red Shop is blocked by an addition to it.  The Chapel Street School can be seen beyond the shop slightly to the left of the
    middle of the photo.  The boarding house called the Hopedale House, now the apartment house across from the fire station, can
    be seen to the right of the stacks.  This picture was taken by William H. Barney.  Barney was the manager of Hopedale Coal and
    Ice Company and took  pictures in town between 1890 and 1910.  He took many of the photos that were used in the Images of
    America book, Hopedale.  They were loaned to us by Arthur Allen.  Barney's son, William, has provided us with some interesting
    information about his father's pictures, and several quotes from his letters can be found elsewhere in this site.  When the photo
    above was taken, there was no cupola on the Little Red Shop. Click on Next (below) to see what appears to be the original
    location of the cupola.

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