S H E   S T I L L   S T A N D S   T A L L          

    She stands silent now, yet still towers high,   
    Quiet but for the stream beneath her, flowing.  
    Sometimes the creaking of the beams you hear,
    Whenever frigid winter winds are blowing.
    Wood covered windows and rust adorn her face,  
    Unlike the long past days when she was proud.
    Yet, still she stands tall through changing times,  
    Waiting for a silver lining in a distant cloud.    

    Her thoughts regress to bygone times, many years ago,  
    When silence was broken by machine and man.  
    Bustling workers doing their everyday chores,  
    Living together in her confines, a large happy clan.
    Her lights lit 'round the clock, a glow amidst despair,  
    While sending sons and daughters off to war,
    Doing her part to fulfill our country's needs,  
    Building arms for worldwide points afar.         

    Chimes that tolled the hour are silent now,
    Their call to man, to be heard not ere again.  
    She stands dormant now, long succumbed.
    What will it take to soothe her mighty pain?    

    Stand tall, silent Lady, remain steadfast, I say.
    A silver lining on the horizon will appear.
    Your grace and your glamour will come back to you.  
    It's been a long journey, but good times are drawing near.     
    The mighty Draper shop, standing idle after so many
    glorious years.

Richard Orff  - March  2007