This is the closest view I've seen of what appears to be The Little Red Shop with two floors.  Given what we have from the writings of Adin Ballou, the
    caption with the picture in Five Generations of Loom Builders, and this photo, it seems that the Red Shop must have been originally less than half
    as long and about twice as high as it is now. .  All pictures we have seen of it on the south side of Freedom Street seem to show it with two floors
    and all photos on the other side of the street show one.  The elimination of the bottom floor probably came about with the move to the Lake Street
    site in 1903.  Also, that's when the cupola appeared. The drawing below shows that it wasn't a two-floor building for it's entire length. It had one floor
    at the end by Freedom Street and two floors at the other end. (Shown inside red circle.) Click here for more on the one floor/two floors mystery.

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Freedom Street