Looking over Peace Street toward Dutcher. Just to the right
    of center, you can see the lot where the gym was later built.

Dutcher at the corner of Hope Street.

    William H. Barney's Stanley Steamer,
    by his house at 35 Dutcher Street.

The Hopedale House, a Draper boarding house.

The Draper gas station, next to the fire station.   

Hitching ring on the wall across from the Dutcher Street School.

Town Park at the corner of Dutcher and Freedom.

    Harlan Hart operated a shoe repair business at his house on
    the corner of Dutcher and Dennett streets, and as seen
    above, earlier at the corner of Dutcher and Social streets.

    Charles Austin was the Draper housing
    superintendent. He supplemented his
    income by selling tires from his house.

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    The Corner of Dutcher and Social streets.

    The year 1910 marked radical changes in the block between Chapel and Social Streets, when houses
    fronting on Hopedale Street were moved away and construction of the new Main Office was started.  At
    the upper end of the lot, at the corner of Chapel and Dutcher, was a white cottage in which a lady, a Mrs.
    Adams, I believe, had a 100th birthday.  On the other corner, where the fire house now stands, was a
    rather shaky-looking old barn, and across the street from that was a small shop where one could
    obtain a sketchy meal prepared by Miss Annabel Jenkins.  I had ham and eggs there daily while
    lodging with Mr. and Mrs. Bates at 88 Dutcher Street before occupying the Bancroft Park house.
    Charles Merrill, Hopedale As I Found it.

The Little Red Schoolhouse at 129 Dutcher Street.

    From the same 1907 book of business ads as above. Possibly the shoe
    store was in the little building between the restaurant and the house.

1918 ad

1918 ad