Freddie Evers. Fred was the superintendent of the Hopedale Highway Department for
    many years in the mid-20th century. It appears that this picture (taken by James Peavey)
    was taken near his house on Mill Street, a bit east of the intersection with Greene.

The Westcott Mill can be seen in the background.

    There was no date on this clipping but ads on
    the back have phone numbers from the time
    before dial, so it must have been before 1955.

Hopedale Highway Department

Thanks to Charlie Gaffney for these photos.

Fred Evers - Snow plowing in the good old days.

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The Draper Main Office can be seen in the background of this picture.

    I have attached a picture that you had on your site about the Hopedale Highway Dept
    vehicles. My brother John and I think the person on the right side is Joe Rosenfeld.
    The truck is on a scale, probably being weighed for a load of sand for the Highway Dept to
    spread on the streets.

    In the background it looks like the entrance to Rosenfeld's from Plain Street. There is a
    house in the background  and it looks like the Jenks house on the corner of Plain and
    Newton Streets. That house is now gone. Paul Butcher     Rosenfeld truck photos   
From back of photo.