The photos on this page were taken by the Draper Corporation photography department and
    are from the Bancroft Library Hopedale history collection. It appears that the last of the field
    days was in 1931  The end of them was almost certainly caused by the Depression. With
    the stock market crash a couple of months away, what you see here is a lot of people having
    a good time at the end of an era. While the field days continued for two more years, even the
    programs were shorter and didn't contain pictures as they had in previous years. In 1932
    and 1933, carnivals were held, and then they ended also.

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Draper Corporation Field Day

August 10, 1929

Hopedale Town Park

    The article above is for what evidently was the last Draper field day. It
    appears that they were replaced for two years by carnivals, as seen in
    the articles below, and then they ended also.