Paul T. French

    On November 6 a memorial service was held at Hopedale, Mass., for Private Paul T. French, of
    Company M, 6th Massachusetts, U.S.V., attended by his company. Paul French enlisted in the
    company April 5, ’98, and joined it at Camp Alger on the 17th of June, a volunteer in the United States
    service. Going to Porto Rico [as it was spelled then] with the regiment, he took part in the only battle
    fought by the regiment at Guanica, afterwards being detailed as guard at General Garretson’s
    headquarters, where he remained until August 19.

    On October 11, he was reported sick, being transferred to the hospital ship “Bay State” on the 19th but
    was not considered seriously ill. He failed rapidly and died October 24, thirty-six hours out of port, and
    was buried at sea.

    In a letter written during the summer to his mother, he said, “He who watches over us in times of
    peace will watch over us in time of war, and we will leave it all to Him who knows best. Hold up your
    heads and be proud of us, for we will be true soldiers.” The ’98 Campaign of the Sixth
    Massachusetts, U.S.V.

    For more about Paul T. French see see Linda Hixon's book, Following the Threads, Buried at Sea:
    The Story of Paul French, by Nicole O'Connell. pp. 109 - 111.

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