That, of course, is my foot in the picture above. In the picture
    below, you can see the ballast that they were dropping.

    That's the boulder where I had been sitting to get the pictures. By this time,
    the train had stopped again, and I had gotten down to walk around to the
    other side and back to the path down to the main Parklands road.

    The pictures below were taken from
    the other (east) side of the train.

Dust from the ballast being dropped from the car can be seen here.

                                                G&U Railroad - October 13, 2014

    I was taking a walk in the Parklands on October 13 and decided to go up to the tracks. I had just reached
    there when I heard the train whistle. I'd thought in the past that the big boulder up there would be a great
    place to be sitting with a camera when the train came along. If it happened when there was some fall color,
    so much the better. Even though I'd heard the whistle, somewhere in Upton, I knew it could take quite a
    while to reach where I was. It was 1:19. I decided I'd give it ten minutes and see if there was any more
    indication that it would get to where I was soon. After nine minutes, I heard a single blast from the horn.
    Okay, I'd give it five more minutes. Nothing more, so I got off the rock and headed down the tracks to the
    path. At that point, I heard a faint rumble from the train. I rushed back to the rock, a few hundred yards away.
    It turned out that there was no need to rush. It was at least fifteen minutes before it came into sight. It
    stopped, started, and backed up a couple of times. It was about another fifteen minutes before it was close
    enough to take the pictures at the top of the page. Anyway folks, I sit on boulders and take pictures so you
    don't have to.

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                                                            Below - the G&U yard in Hopedale - October 14.

    Below - In these pictures from the 15th, you
    can see where the ballast was dropped. In
    the last one, you can see where they ran out.