The rafts at Hopedale Pond were sold and
    taken to Mashpee in December 2010.

The bathhouse in 2010.

The beach at Hopedale Pond - 1945

    Articles like these were in the Milford
    News every summer for many years.

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    Attendance at the pond peaked in 1968 when the number who signed in to
    swim reached 18,387. Swim lessons passed were 196 that year. Attendance
    in 1970 was 17,620, but by 1972, it had dropped to 7395. It went back up into
    the 12,000s for a couple of years. Numbers weren't recorded after 1974. These
    statistics are from the Park Department history. There's a link to it in the text box
    at the bottom of the page.

    I don't think I've ever been quoted in the News with fewer than two or three mistakes. The article
    above is no exception. It's not Lake Singleton, it's Lake Singletary, and it's certainly not smaller
    than Hopedale Pond.. I don't know how that line about birds and trees fits into the picture, but I
    presume it must refer to a discussion about the early days of the Parklands.

The paragraph above is from a Park Department FAQ page.