Wounded Served In Infantry

     Nine of the weekend war casualties were from this section and once more the grim sorrows of the world
    struggle were brought to our very doors. Three soldiers, who left Milford, Hopedale and Millis, were killed, a
    local lad reported missing and another Milford youth slightly injured, while Hopedale also has one young man
    missing and another wounded, according to notifications received by relatives over the weekend. Most of the
    men fought with the infantry. One Bellingham man and one from Upton were also wounded.

     The Hopedale man killed was Pfc. Richard G. Knight, 4 Mt. Pleasant Street, Worcester. He has claimed 29
    Forest Street as his address two years. He was killed May 21, last, in a boat explosion, according to word
    received from his buddy by relatives. He served in the Central Pacific area.

     Pvt. Knight was born in Holden and graduated from Hopedale High School. He was employed by the Draper
    Corp. before entering the service. He went overseas in February 1943.

     The grandson of the late Dr. Henry S. Knight of Worcester, he is survived by his father, Roscoe G. Knight; his
    wife, Mrs. Winifred (Keissling) Knight, 23 Forest Street, (Milford, I presume) and an aunt, Miss Bertha Hopkins
    of Worcester.

     Pfc. Knight enlisted Dec. 8, 1941, and saw service at Tarawa and Guadalcanal. On June 9, last, the Daily
    News carried a story to the effect that Mr. Knight was missing. In Hopedale he lived at 112 Mendon Street.
    Milford Daily News, August 8, 1944

    Much of this article has been omitted, since for the purpose of this website, I just wanted the part concerning
    Richard Knight. The article gave the name as Knight, while the picture on the right gave it as Knights. Over the
    years, there have been both Knight and Knights families in Hopedale. I checked with the memorial at the
    cemetery and on that, as well as in the June 9 article, the name is Richard G. Knight.

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