The National Register Nomination paragraph at the top of the page contains the only mention I've seen of 55 Adin (The Ledges) being
    the Benjamin Helm Bristow Draper house. All other sources, including the caption at the bottom of the Architectural Forum picture above,
    indicate that it was the home of his brother, Eben Sumner Draper, Jr. The earliest that I've been able to find an address for the Bristow
    Drapers is for 1923,and at that time they were at 105 Adin Street. I think they were at 55 Adin for a while, probably after the governor's
    death in 1914, but evidently it was Bristow's brother, Eben,who had their parent's home razed and had the one seen above built.

English Revival, French Eclectic, and Streamlined Moderne Homes in Hopedale

The architectural information on this page is from the Hopedale Village Historic District National Register Nomination.

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