The picture at the top was taken at Hopedale Pond in 1905.  The second one is
    from 1920. The third is from the Draper periodical, Cotton Chats,  January 1946.  
    The fourth is from a postcard, probably taken in the 1950s; certainly no earlier than
    the mid-40s because the ice house is gone and replaced with the Tom West
    house. The fifth was taken in the 1959 or 1960.. The photo with the geese  was
    taken in June 2003.  The one at the bottom was taken in 2007, after a boat ramp
    was constructed and a picnic table was placed there. The wooden posts were
    salvaged from the town park flag pole.   You can find much more about the pond,
    including attendance numbers for bathers, in the Park Department history site.    

The pond is open!!!       Now and Then at the Lower End of the Pond  

                 The end of swimming at Hopedale Pond      Bridges of Hopedale Pond   

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