The top two pictures show the first Hopedale High School, built in 1889. (From early school
    committee reports, it appears that after the incorporation of Hopedale in 1886, high school classes
    were first held at the Chapel Street School, and later at the Town Hall.) The photo at the top shows
    the school in its original form. The second shows it with an addition that became necessary as the
    town population increased, following the Draper Company's introduction of the Northrop loom in
    1894. In 1928, it was replaced by the present high school on Adin Street, which for many years was
    called the General Draper High School. Beginning in 1935, it became Sacred Heart Church. The
    photos where it is white show it as it looked when it was the church, although as you can see in the
    lowest white one, when these pictures were taken, the new church had been built. (Thanks to Jack
    Ghiringhelli for sending them.) The old church was eventually razed and the area is now used as a
    parking lot for the new church. The photo at the bottom, taken in 2010, shows the new church

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    The most important expenditure of the year has been in connection with the addition to the high
    school building. The school was given temporary quarters for two months through courtesy of the
    Draper Company in the Park House, and was able to move into the new building the last of October.
    As far as we can judge, the present accomodations are satisfactory and will meet the requirements
    of the town for some years, allowing for natural growth. In this addition, provision has been made in
    the basement for manual training in case the town should decide to have such work added to the
    school course. Report of the School Committee, 1908.

Hopedale High School before addition.