Pictures show the grand
    opening of Rico's Food
    Center after the old store
    was torn down and the
    new one opened. On the
    left is Rico Calarese
    holding up the first dollar
    taken in at the opening.

                    Now and Then - Henry Patrick's Store/Rico's Food Center

    Henry Patrick, whose father, Delano, was a member of the Hopedale
    Community, started his grocery business in Hopedale in 1867. He
    eventually had two stores; one in the center of town and one at the
    corner of Route 16 and Hopedale Street. (Patrick's Corner) The store in
    the center, shown in the top several pictures, was bought by Rico
    Calarese in 1956, and operated under the name, The Food Center.
    After using the old building for some years, Rico built a new store behind
    it. When it was completed, the original store was razed to make room for
    a parking lot. The picture just below the one showing the house
    demolition was taken by Hopedale historian Winogene Noyes during the
    brief time when the new building was nearly finished, but before the old
    one was torn down. Some years later the store closed, and the structure
    was converted into an office building, as seen in the picture at the

    At the election in November of 1970, breaking with a tradition that went
    back to the days of the Hopedale Community, the town voted to allow the
    sale of wine and beer. In March 1971, a package store was added to the
    Food Center.

    Here's a bit more from Rico's daughter, Alberta Lachina. "The
    Food Center was the name of the first store my father initiated after
    leaving employment at Patrick's Store on Hopedale Street.  This store
    was opened for business in a small white building  on Mendon Street, a
    few doors up from where Patrick's Corner Store was located.  The year
    was around 1950.

    "As time went on, my father purchased the H.L. Patrick store on
    Hopedale Street, next to the Drug Store.  After several successful years
    in this location, it was determined that a new, larger building was needed
    to accommodate the customers of Hopedale, Milford and other
    surrounding towns.  A barn and cottage located further back on the
    property were torn down, making way for the new market.  Following
    completion  of the new building, further back on the property, the original
    Patrick's Store (which had continued being called the Food Center) was
    torn down.  When the new supermarket was opened, it was renamed...
    Rico's Supermarket.

    "In 1970, the town voted to allow alcoholic beverages to be sold in
    Hopedale.  My father applied for the liquor license, which was approved
    by the town.  A small corner of the new market was designated as the
    "liquor department"

    "At one time or another, all members of my family worked in the store...
    My father, mother, my three brothers and myself."

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Milford Daily News, 1956
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Patrick's Corner Store
Milford Daily News
March 16, 1966