Moving the Little Red Shop - 1950

    The photocopied pictures are from Perry MacNevin's collection of
    Hopedale history items. They show the shop being moved from the
    Progress Street side of Hopedale Pond to the Hopedale Street side. The
    Worcester Telegram clippings are from the Bancroft Library

    Draper publications that mention the Red Shop always say that it was built
    in 1841, and the picture caption above pushes it back to 1840. I don't
    think Adin Ballou would agree with either date. The Hopedale Community
    was established in 1841, and the Jones Farm was bought for its site soon
    after, but only one family had moved into the Old House shortly before the
    end of the year. Click on the Red Shop History link below for more.

    During the first half of the twentieth century, the Red Shop stood on the
    west side of Hopedale Pond and was used for storage, mainly for supplies
    for the Draper houses, such as paint. It was moved to its current location
    in 1950 and opened as a museum in 1951.

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