Field day, 1907. The big old ash is partly blocking the view of the Northrop house
    at the corner of Northrop and Park, just a little right of center in this picture.

Field day - 1908

    The Roper shop on Northrop Street at the corner of the park on the
    right, and I'd say that's the old tree on the left. Field day, 1011.

Field day, 1911.

    The flag pole, where it stood for many decades, not far from the
    Northrop Street entrance to the park, helps locate this picture

    This picture is undated, but it was with field day pictures so it must
    have been taken no later than 1930. Lots of people would turn out for
    the field day ball game back then. The location of the Roper shop in
    the picture  shows that the crowd is on the Northrop Street side of the
    park, and the tree on the left must be the one that was just taken down.

    Undated field day, but after the Park
    Street School was built in 1914.

    The two pictures above were taken on August 31, 2015.
    The two below are from September 1, 2015.

                                       Facebook discussion of the tree.   

Planting street shade trees in 1981   

Field days in Hopedale     The 1929 field day   

Here it is above in May 2012. Not in good shape. Below, May 2013.

July 2, 2015

Looks like it was two trees.

    Unfortunately, the loss of trees is far worse than the one (or two)
    above. Click here for the article the items below come from.

Well, there are still a few left. Not enough, though.

    One more piece of evidence that it was time for the tree
    to come down. Thanks to Don Howes for this photo.
    See more on the Park Department Facebook page.