The Thwing sisters

                                                      The Thwing Family

      My mother was a Thwing, the name being very uncommon in this country and all who
    possess it being probably descended from Benjamin Thwing, who came from England in
    1635 and settled in Boston, having a house and garden on Sudbury Street.  His ancestry is
    traced with probable correctness to the Knights of Thwing, a village forty miles east of York in
    England.  His descendants occupied reputable positions in life, his son Benjamin being a
    member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1678.  Nathaniel Thwing was
    Captain and Major of the 8th Massachusetts Regiment in the campaign against Louisbourg,
    and later Lieutenant-colonel of Colonel Gridley's regiment at Crown Point.  John Thwing,
    between 1730 and 1769, owned and used as a farm a large part of the ground occupied by the
    village of Hopedale, where I reside.  Another Nathaniel Thwing was a soldier in the
    Revolutionary War.  Benjamin Thwing, my grandfather, was a school teacher in Uxbridge, noted
    in his profession.  His house now stands in very good preservation.

      My mother seems to me to have been the very embodiment of New England common sense.  
    Though her life was largely devoted to household duties and the rearing of her children, she
    was thoroughly interested in public questions, and never satisfied until she had settled to her
    own satisfaction the right or wrong of anything that came up for consideration.  Though my
    father was a positive man, she was equally sure in her own views - one evidence of which was
    that though he became a member of the Hopedale Community, she persistently refused to
    join, on the ground that she did not believe all questions should be settled by a majority vote or
    that there should be no rewards for preeminent ability and services.  William F. Draper,
    Recollections of a Varied Career


      In addition to their children, there were at least four Thwings in the Hopedale in the 1840s..
    Anna Thwing Draper, wife of Ebenezer Draper, was one of the founding members of the
    Hopedale Community. Her sister, Hannah, wife of George Draper, moved to Hopedale in 1853,
    but, unlike her husband, never joined the Community. Another sister, Sylvia, was the wife of
    Joseph Bancroft. You can find out a bit more about her and the Thwings in a story about her life
    written by her daughter, Lilla Bancroft Bracken Pratt. (Use the "Sylvia link." ) Their brother,
    Almon, was also an important member of the Community.


    Thwing, Almon - Born July 21, 1808 in Uxbridge, married Sarah Ann Darling in Uxbridge,
    September 13, 1832. she was a daughter of Nathan and Polly (Young) Darling, born in
    Smithfield, Rhode Island, October 1, 1813. their children were, --

    Benjamin, b. in Medway, 1836; d in Grafton, 1840.
    Anna, b. in Uxbridge, March 20, 1845; m. Zibeon Field, June 17, 1874.
    Helen, b. in Uxbridge, March 1845; died in Uxbridge, December 1845.
    Susan Eudora, b. in Hopedale, July 26, 1847; m. James Whitney, Feb. 28, 1867.
    Almon Augustus, b. Hopedale, July 1852, d. November 1852.

      The parents survive in a green old age. The husband has held many responsible town
    offices. Both are too well known throughout wide circle to need special characterization. (Geez,
    Adin, I wish you'd given a little thought to those of us reading this in the distant future. We don't
    know all that you did about the Tnwings, back around 1880.) ) Adin Ballou, History of Milford, p.

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    The above is from the Winthrop Society: Descendants of the Great  Migration site. Click here to go to
    the page with the Benjamin Thwing listing on the "Ships" page,  and here to go the site's homepage.

    The gravestones shown above are at Prospect Hill Cemetery
    near the center of Uxbridge. Nathan and Polly Darling were the
    parents of Sarah Ann Thwing. Almon and Sarah Ann Thwing's
    gravestones shown below are at Hopedale Village Cemetery.

    The above is from Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Worcester
    County, published in 1899.Thanks to Paul Doucette for sending it.