Cumberland Farms on January 1.

The Travis-Sawyer house on Hopedale Street being replaced after the original home there burned.

Dining on Elaine’s chicken soup for lunch during a work session at the Little Red Shop on January 10. We’re not yet ready to decide on a date for a grand opening yet; but much was accomplished today and much more will be done in the near future. Click on the picture to read about the renovation project.

Doo, doo, doo, lookin’ out my back door… January 18.

Running along Hopedale Street, January 20.

Here’s the Mill Street bridge at four on the afternoon on January 23rd. Some asphalt had been put down, but it’s not completely covered. During the evening, I received an email from Hopedale selectman Bob Burns, who lives next to the bridge, saying that it opened to traffic at about 6 PM.

Larry Macomber shown putting up a sign at the Little Red Shop Museum, that was once at the office of the union which represented Draper workers, on January 24. The sign was donated by Bob Goss. Larry also put up the signs that were once on the Draper Main Office and the West Foundry. He’ll soon be hanging signs from the Harel House, donated by Irene Cascella-Hakins.

The bridge is open – January 25.

Above – The G&U engine house on January 27.
Below – The remains of the engine house on January 28.


Hopedale in January 2009

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