March 1.

The first day of March and the first snow of the month. Still good weather for ice fishing.

G&U Railroad work, March 5.

March 9 – What – more snow??? But it was only about an inch, and spring is just around the corner.

There was still some ice left at the lower end of Hopedale Pond on the afternoon of the 19th, but it was gone by the next day – the first day of spring. There was still some left on the West Cove. As far as the old Draper iceout records are concerned, they recorded from what could be seen from the shop, so the West Cove didn’t count. The 20th would be listed as the day on which the ice was gone. There was still some ice in the cove on the 25th.

Two looms were returned to the Little Red Shop on March 26. Click on the picture for more.


Hopedale in March 2009

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