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Early in World War II he ferried fighter planes to the Soviets. By 1944 he was piloting a B-29 in the Pacific. Near the end of the war he was killed when his plane was shot down near Singapore. Click here to read about Robinson. Click here to go to the Veterans Menu.

Hopedale Pond, November 2.
Words first included in the Merriam -Webster Dictionary in 1973.

This picture was taken sometime between 1960 and 1962. The first addition to the high school, shown here, was completed in 1960. The Union Church, which burned down in 1962, was still standing when this photo was taken. Thanks to Ron and Sandra Kimball for it.

From Localtownpages - Hopedale.

Hopedale High cross-country team, 1941. Back row – “Skipper” Nye, Coach, Bud Sadler, Walter Francis,  A Mararino. Front row – Ernest Young,  “Capt” Butch Rubeo,  Me (Russ Dennett),  Win Dennett, Principal. The team had a record of eleven wins and three losses. Thanks to Charlie Dennett for sending it.

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This mini-stonewall has appeared in the last year or two along the rather steep Parklands path that leads up to the Lookout.

Russ Dennett in Germany shortly after the end of World War II. Recently, Russ’s son Charlie transcribed a journal Russ wrote, covering the time he joined the Army and continuing to near the end of the war. Click on the picture to read it.

This picture of a tour of Hopedale, given by Blackstone Valley Corridor rangers, was on a recent Corridor news email.

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Plain Street distribution center project. Click photo to see more.
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Veterans’ Day program at the Community House.

Beaver dam just beyond the rocks, seen from Rustic Bridge.

Winter is just around the corner. Time to cover the Statue of Hope.
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Hopedale in 2010. The Country Club fire, rebuilding the Mill Street bridge, the Hopedale Pond dam, Memorial Day, high school graduation, and more. Click on the picture to see the slideshow on YouTube.

Above – The driver saw the sign and/or the bridge and turned around. Good move. Two days after I took that picture, the bridge was hit by a Bellingham fire truck.

Below – Another one that ran into a problem.

Hopedale Pond
Spindleville Pond

Both ponds had skims of ice covering parts of their surfaces when I took these pictures on November 30. That was the result of the cold weather overnight. When I took the pictures, the temp was 47.

Walls now going up at the distribution center project. Click photo to see more.


Hopedale in November

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