By Carleton Cox

Nina was born in Mendon, Massachusetts on August 10, 1890.  She was the daughter of Henry Melvin Burr and Cora Elsie Gaskill.  Henry and Cora were both from Mendon.  Cora Gaskill was a first cousin of Julia Gaskill.  They both lived on George Street in Mendon.  Cora’s father was Micajah Collins Gaskill.  Julia’s father was John Southwick Gaskill.  Micajah and John were brothers. Cora and Julia each inherited the property of their fathers.  Cora married Henry Burr; Julia married Alexander V. G. Pond (also a Mendon resident).

Nina’s father Henry was postmaster in Mendon from 1917 to 1932.  Nina succeeded her father and served from 1932 until her death in 1952.  Nina never married.  She had two younger brothers.  Leonard Burr lived with Nina on George Street in Mendon.  He died in 1971.  Leslie Burr died in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1940.

According to Nina’s obituary, she died on June 8, 1952 at Pondville Hospital in Norfolk, Massachusetts after a month-long illness.  She is buried with her parents and two brothers in the Bicknell Cemetery on Hartford Avenue East in Mendon.  Her paternal grandparents are buried in Bicknell Cemetery also.  Her maternal grandparents are buried in the Gaskill Cemetery on George Street.

Nina's birth record.
Mendon Postmaster Appointments - 1917 - 1958