The following is from an email sent by Elizabeth Reilly.

Good Evening,

Judge Goodwin issued her ruling on the Motion for Clarification today.  It is great news for the West St Watershed Property.

I attached it here –  it’s only 3 pages (be sure to read the footnotes).

She restates that the Town absolutely has the Right of First Refusal and that without a town meeting vote to ratify the Settlement Agreement, that agreement is in fact non-existent in its entirety. The RR’s attempts to yet again subvert the process has been called out again by the Judge (verifying that we are dealing with a bad actor here). She spells out that the Town already exercised our Ch 61 option to purchase and we simply need to have the land court case vacated (& it 100 percent will be, slam dunk) and set a closing date.

Since it is abundantly clear that the residents will not vote to approve a settlement agreement, it is our hope that the Select Board will act quickly on this and move forward towards the goals set forth in the October 2020 Special Town Meeting.

Many thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of residents (especially the other 10 citizens on the suit) who chose to stick together to fight for the right thing here.

We will keep you posted on any updates from the attorneys and will let you know what we hear from the Select Board.

Today is a good day!!!

Best Regards,