ULTRA-MODERN DAIRY BARN IN LITTLETON – Shown above are interior views of the ultra-modern dairy barn owned by John Byrne, at Great Road, Littleton. The new structure has a heating system in the floors. Left photo shows cow stalls and conveyors, while right photo shows the herd prior to the night milking. In the run-way, is pretty little Ann Marie with “Agnes.” Dairymen from all over New England visit the Byrne farm to look over this modern plant.

The Lowell Sun article above is from 1950, and the one below from 1952.

I don’t know the date of the article below, but based on the caption under the picture of John Byrne at the bottom, it must have been after 1954.

   Heart’s Desire – The Byrne family farm in Hopedale and Mendon  

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Thanks to Jen B at the Pollard Library in Lowell, for finding and sending the 1952 article.Thanks also to Regina Byrne DelVecchio whose paper copies of articles I photoed and used here.