Neighboring town photos for August - a
few of the historic markers in Mendon.

A new sidewalk for Hopedale Street - August 2.     

Outdoor activities program at the Bancroft Library
- August 4.
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                            Hopedale in August 2011

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Fin and Feather Camp kayakers on Hopedale Pond.  

The Parklands near the railroad
tracks by Freedom Street.

Next door neighbor Manny's sunflowers
looking over the fence at me.

Fisherman's Island - Hopedale Pond. It's been cleaned and the picnic
table is new. Eagle Scout project? I'll try to find out.

My parents anniversary was the same as my aunt and uncle's - August 1.
Every year we'd celebrate with a picnic in the Parklands. There would be
about seven or eight adults and a dozen or so children. My father would
pick different places for the picnic. I remember one being at Moroney's
Grove, and one year my father borrowed a rowboat and we had our
celebration at Fisherman's Island.
Muriel (Henry) Tinkham, 2006

It's hydrant flushing week.

The Charles River and the Mellen Street bridge.

Coincidence - When I took these pictures on
August 14, I had no idea that the bridge would
be the subject of a Milford News story the next
day. The gist of the article is, the bridge will
stay as is - closed.

The Hopedale Street sidewalk job - August 19. This picture
was taken in front of the Griffin-Dennett Apartments.

We had a brief, but very rainy, windy storm
mid-afternoon, August 19. The tree in the
road, shown with Highway Department
workers clearing it away, is on Dutcher
Street, near 200. It's a Bradford pear. Every
time we have a storm like this, major parts
of one or two Bradfords end up like this one.
What would even a relatively mild hurrincane
do to them? Click on either picture to see the
trees being planted in 1981.

The start of the second annual Larry Olsen Road
Race on Hopedale Street - August 20. Click on
the picture to see more photos of the race.

As I've been walking through the Parklands recently, I've
noticed rake marks pretty much throughout the length of
the main road around the pond. Who would be raking
more than two miles of road? I wondered. A few days
ago I found out. Hopedale High cross country coach Joe
Drugan has been doing it to keep it in good shape for
his team. Now there's a dedicated coach.

Hopedale Pond, August 26. Click on the picture
to see what it looked like last August.

I don't remember ever seeing as many
mushrooms in the Parklands as I have
in the last week or two. These were on
the west side; the main road,,Saltbox
Road and near the Lookout.

Dutcher Street - damage caused by Hurricane
Irene - August 28. Click on the picture for more.

The calm after the storm -
Hopedale Pond, August 29.