Neighboring town scenes for April - An old woolen mill
    village in Uxbridge at the end of Hecla Street. John
    Deiana of Hopedale, and his son Jeff operate a
    furniture refinishing and repair business in one of the
    buildings. Also in the area are Pasa Yarns, an antique
    consignment shop and an aluminum foundry. Click
    here for more views of the area, including more from
    inside the Deiana shop and some from inside Pasa

Town Hall fire escape.

March 31 - A little snow early, but
gone before mid-morning. Why
March pictures on the April page?
Because any additions to the
March page on the last day of the
month would be seen by very few.

Ham and bean supper -
Unitarian Church.

Hopedale in April 2012

April 2011

Hopedale History Ezine for April 1 - Factory Town  

Hopedale History Ezine for April 15 -
April 1912

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Above -  Walter Swift greets Joe Kennedy
outside the Hopedale town hall on March 31.
Joe, running for the Democratic nomination
in the Massachusetts 4th Congressional
District met with a crowd at the Town

Right - Joe and Judge Larkin talk with one of
the many residents who turned out for the

April 1 - A frosty morning.

Three chickens and a turkey. Yes, that little bit of white fluff on the left
is a chicken. They were scratching around near the center of town.
Below is another view. Four chickens and the turkey in that one.

Hopedale Pond - April 2.

Parklands - April 2.

Evidently someone thought the crack in that rock
was a good place to put a few railroad spikes.

G&U track near the Hopedale/Upton line.
You can see in the picture on the right where
a few of the ties have been replaced.

Town Park - April 6.

Piper at Union Church for the funeral
of Richard Keene, Sr., April 11.

Looking out toward Fisherman's
Island from the railroad tracks.

Daisies clean up litter in the center of town - April 13.      

Swan near the Rustic Bridge. Thanks
to Terry Studer for sending the picture.

Corner of Mendon and Westcott streets - April 15.

Open house at the Fire Station - April 15.

Neighbors talking through the fence - April 21.

Flowering trees in Hopedale center - April 21.

Dutcher Street, near the park.

Community Cuts closed April 20 after fifteen years here.

The little doo-dads under the sign have been mysteriously
appearing, one by one, at Howsie's place recently.