Pear tree - May 1. A tree that bears real pears; not a Bradford pear. I picked
    25, all very good, last year. I think that was the third year since I planted two
    of them. This one is a semi-dwarf. The other is a standard which is
    flowering for the first time this year. I'll be thinning out the flowers soon.

    Here's something I'd never seen until about a month ago - a
    little fieldstone dam. Click here to see more about it.

    The Statue of Hope - May 2 - For several years I have had in mind the leaving of
    a suitable memorial in our beautiful town, and I have felt that something artistic
    would be desirable, as you are sure to provide yourselves with everything that is
    needed of a practical character. Susan Preston Draper, 1904

May 2

Hopedale in May 2013

Hopedale History Ezine for May 1 - Otis and Lily   

Hopedale History Ezine for May 15 -
Hopedale and its Founder   

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Dutcher Street - May 2

Hopedale Pond - May 2

    I don't know much about snails, but I was surprised a
    few days ago when I found this one in Hopedale Pond.
    As you can see, it's as big as Andrew Jackson's head.

    Neighboring town photos for May - Historic
    markers along Main Street, Milford.

The corner of Beech and Inman streets - May 9.

    These photos were both taken along the same part
    of Dutcher Street. The one to the left was taken this
    month and the one below, 1981. It shows Boy Scouts
    who were assisting with the tree planting. The
    committee that raised donations to plant trees along
    tree belts consulted experts for advice. They were
    told that flowering crabs would be a good choice for
    under the untility wires because they wouldn't grow
    too tall, and Bradford pears were recommended for
    the other side of the street. Unfortunatly, it turned out
    that the pears are easily knocked down by the wind,
    and they grew tall enough to take out wires on the
    other side of the street when they come down. Click
    here to see more of the 1981 project.

    Town Park Crime of the Century -
    Somebody stole home.

    While some people like their lawns to be just grass, I don't mind colors
    other than green in mine. Here it is, just before I mowed it, showing the
    results of doing nothing other than mowing it for the past 43 years.

May 13

May 13

Click here for more on Project Star.

The senior release parade - Click here for more.

    Two years ago, in the autumn of 1898, Mr. and Mrs. William Tebb, of London, England, old-time friends and admirers of the man upon whom
    our chief thoughts are fixed today spent an afternoon with myself and wife at our home in Dorchester. During the interview, occupied mostly in
    conversation upon questions of reform, with reminiscences relating to the progressive movements of the past fifty years or more and the
    persons identified with them, among whom he stood conspicuous, one of our guests, when reference was made to him, remarked that there
    ought to be a monument erected as a testimonial to his exalted character and signal service of the truth and of humanity, and as a means of
    transmitting his name and influence to posterity. Whereupon the suggestion became for quite a while the theme of animated discussion, our
    English friends urging with much zeal the inauguration of immediate practical measures for carrying it into effect. Mrs. Heywood and myself,
    though naturally gratified at the proposition, were yet reluctant to become sponsors for the contemplated movement or to be regarded as its
    originators or chief promoters. But we were willing to cooperate with others in its behalf, and, if desired, to act as their agents in seeing what
    could be done in the way of prosecuting it to a successful issue. So much was stated to our visitors, and I personally promised to confer with
    persons in Hopedale and elsewhere who might be presumed to have sufficient interest in the project to aid in its realization. Proceeding to do
    this, the response was so favorable that upon further consultation with M. and Mrs. Tebb it was determined to enter upon the undertaking at
    the earliest practicable date. Rev. William S. Heywood, (son-in-law of Adin Ballou), at the dedication of Adin Ballou Memorial Park, October
    27, 1900.

Ice rink, Plain Street - Click here for Milford News story.

Class at Art Creation, Rosenfeld Drive - May 17.

Raider road race - May 18 - Click here to see more.

Friends of the Library book and bake sale - May 18.

Wild geranium - Parklands near Dutcher Street entrance - May 20.

    No, not Hopedale Pond. I took this picture May 19 on
    the Quinsigamond River in North Grafton a short
    distance north of the MassPike. I'll keep watching
    Hopedale Pond. Maybe I'll find a family like this there.

    As you can see with the shop in the background,
    the geese are on Hopedale Pond. May 20

    Redwing blackbird along the Mill River a bit upstream from the
    Rustic Bridge. Click here to see scenes along the river, and here
    for much more on redwings at the Cornell ornithology site.

    South Hopedale School - The front of the South Hopedale school house is in need of
    repairs, and by an expenditure of about $600, an addition of 15 feet can be built at the
    rear of the building, giving room for coal and for the storage of books and supplies. This
    will also include reshingling the roof, which is needed, and change the front, making one
    entrance in the centre with a porch, and removing the long front stairs, which will barely  
    hold together until the end of the present school year. For the School Committee, Frank J.
    Dutcher, Secretary, 1892.

Memorial Day parade - Click here to see it on YouTube.