Neighboring towns photos for September -
    Uxbridge history mosaics, located by Route 16 in
    the center of town.

Freedom Street

Prospect Street parking lot.

Hopedale in September 2013

Hopedale history ezine for September 1 - Model Company Town   

Ezine for September 15 -
Captain Draper on the Mississippi   

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    At the special town meeting, Friday evening, it was voted to build a
    new four room school building, at a cost not to exceed $35,000,
    including the price of the land. The sum of $25,000 is to be raised
    this year by taxation and the remaining $10,000 next year. The
    building will be erected on Park Street. Milford Gazette, July 3, 1914

    Above - 106 Dutcher Street. According to the 1939 street listing book, Mr.
    Austin was superintendent of houses. Draper houses, no doubt. He was
    64 at the time. Evidently selling tires was what he did in his spare time, or
    perhaps it was something he did in his retirement.

    Inside view of the cupola of the caboose house of
    Overdale Parkway. Click here to see the page on
    the caboose house, including recent additions of
    photos of ongoing renovation work.

    This is Al Forte. Al is spending a few nights at
    Atria - Draper Place while doing a walk from
    Boston to New York to promote praying for
    peace. Click here for more on Al and his walks.

Day in the Park - September 7.

    No. 30 [in Ballou's list of abandoned home-sites] is the Cutler place, on an old
    discontinued "Drift-Way or Bridle-Road," that led from what is now Freedom St.,
    north-eastwardly, over the Cutler Bridge, towards the Dea. Rawson place. David
    Cutler was the most prominent early owner, and dwelt, in 1760, where the ruins
    now are. Then said "Drift-Way" was laid. I have never been there to inspect the
    site, but am told that it is situated on a north-easterly line from the Cutler Bridge,
    forty rods or more in the direction of the Rawson estate. I suppose the Cutler
    place descended to his heirs, was sold out to different purchasers, and ere long
    passed out of the family name. The house is said to have been tenanted last by
    one Pease, who had Indian blood in his veins. I have not been told the date of its
    final abandonment. Adin Ballou, History of Milford. Click here for more on Cutler
    Street, The Driftway, and the Cutler bridge. While Ballou was long-gone before the
    streets as we know them now came into existence, evidently the Cutlers lived in
    the same vicinity, and the term "driftway" was in use to describe a road, probably
    not much more than a path, in the area.

    Dutcher Street at the Hope Street intersection. Click here
    to see photos of Dutcher Street decades ago, beginning
    here and continuing almost to The Driftway.

    Council on Aging breakfast for
    volunteers - September 17. Meal
    provided by Atria - Draper Place.

    A new sidewalk and curbs for Hopedale  Click here to see much more of
    Hopedale Street decades ago.

New sidewalk on Dutcher Street.

What's in there?

Hopedale Pond - September 28.

    My son, DJ, took this when he was on a walk in the Parklands
    on the foggy morning of the 29th. And below, he was out in the
    fog again the next morning