Snow slumping away from fence - February 1.

February 2 - No shadows today.

Hopedale in February 2015

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Hopedale in January   

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Hopedale Street - February 1

    February 2 - A little excitement across the
    street from Hope1842 World Headquarters.

    A few minutes after the fire department got here, a National Grid truck arrived. It
    appeared that the worker in the bucket disconnected the service line while
    another on a ladder on the side of the house (at light spot on side of house) took
    care of the problem about where the service line connects to the house.

Dutcher Street sidewalk - February 3

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    undefeated Hopedale HIgh
    basketball team of 1956-57.

Icicles outside the back door of the Bancroft Library.

February 3
Feb 2, 2015

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    Warm weather (about 32 this morning) comes
    with big, wet snowflakes.- February 5.

Above - Spindleville Pond and M.C. Machine

Below- Spindleville Pond

    A glimpse of the medical building
    from Hopedale Street - February 8.

    I was taking a look to see what pages on this site were being viewed this
    morning (February 9) and saw that someone in Cheboksary, Russia was
    taking a look. I decided I'd click on it to see where Cheboksary was. The map
    came up and one of the first things I noticed was a McDonald's, along with the
    picture above. Cheboksary is a bit east of Moscow.

    Why the horseshoe on the clothesline? I wanted to keep gas for the snowblower outside, but not
    on the ground where it would get buried. I thought about looking in the cellar for an S-hook to put
    on the rope on the clothesline, but then I noticed there was a horseshoe nearby, so I used that.

    The third Monday snowstorm in a row. We took a walk to
    the medical building this morning. There was only one
    car in the lower lot, but fortunately the person we went to
    see was there. The temp was 12. - February 9.

    "Neither rain, nor snow..." Mailman making deliveries.
    Note birdbath near bottom of picture.

    February 10 - A bit of a traffic jam on Hopedale Street. If was mid-morning
    and appears to have been related to the delayed school opening.

    There are lots of impressive icicles around
    these days. This one is on Dutcher Street.

    I don't usually shoot the snow into the
    air like that. This was for the camera.

    The two pictures above are from Everett, taken on February 11. We're much better off than this in Hopedale.
    The next two pictures (also February 11) show lots of snow in Hopedale, but no buried cars at the sides of
    the streets, the streets are wider, and the sidewalks are in much better shape. I was back in Everett on the
    16th and the side streets were worse then (after another storm) than they were in the pictures above.

    Abraham Lincoln - February 12, 1809 - April 15, 1865.
    Now appearing in your pocket and wallet.

    Killer icicle over my back steps. I'll get my pruning pole out and knock
    it down, but there will probably be another there in a day or two.

    Below - Just a piece of it, after I knocked it down. Wouldn't be good to
    get hit with that.

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From Facebook.

William H. Barney photo - Hopedale c. 1900

Dutcher Street, across from town park.

Cutting ice on Hopedale Pond.

    It almost looks like it could be a pond that suddenly appeared
    on Northrop Street, but it's a reflection from my car roof.

Dutcher Street - February 19

    Long before Washington was on the dollar bill, he was on the road, and during his 1789 trip up this
    way, a bit of that road passed though what is now Hopedale. Here, from Paul Hutchinson's account of
    the president's trip through this area in November 1789, is what GW wrote in his diary:

    Friday, 6th.   A little after seven o'clock, under great appearances of rain or snow, we left Watertown,
    and passing through Needham, (five miles therefrom) breakfasted at Sherburne, which is 14 miles
    from the former. Then passing through Holliston, 5 miles, Milford 6 more, Menden 4 more, and
    Uxbridge 6 more, we lodged at one Taft's, 1 mile further; the whole distance of this day's travel being
    36 miles.

    February 22 - Dutcher Street, near Dennett - a nice, warm day.
    Temp got to 45, but the prediction is for a lot colder tomorrow.

    Ad from The Practical Christian, the newspaper of the Hopedale
    Community. In Hopedale: From Commune to Company Town, Edward
    Spann wrote, "Dudley B. Chapman, originally a brickmason from
    Connecticut, soon acquired a local reputation as 'a genius, especially in
    the chemistry of soap ingredients.'"

Joggers on Dutcher Street

    The snow on both sides of Inman Street was trucked away today.
    (Feb 26)  Now instead of slowly creeping out of my driveway, while
    peering over the snowbank, I can shoot out and fly down the street.