Mmmm, yeah, well, good to have that cleared up..

    Crossroads Clubhouse, formerly The Larches. Click here
    to read about it when the first home on the site was the
    mansion of George Otis Draper, and the one in the picture
    was built by Hannah Thwing Draper Osgood.

Snowbank - March 1

Hopedale in March 2015

Ezine for March 1 - The Free Love Episode   

March 15 ezine -
The Draper Business, 1856 - 1878   

Hopedale in February               Snow in January, February and March



Snow blowing off Draper roof.

Vol. 1, No. 1 - At last, a monthly newspaper for Hopedale.

    It's about time to order strawberry plants for this year, and you won't get a
    better deal than 100 for $1.00. After looking around a bit, I found an inflation
    calculator that goes back that far. It gave $28.57 as what the dollar in 1858
    would be equal to now. I took a look at the Gurney site to see what they
    would cost now. For the variety I looked at, it's $52 for 100.

    Out of 351 towns and cities in Massachusetts, Hopedale ranks 46th in divorce
    rate. Here's a link to the WCVB page with that bit of news. Maybe I'll get back to it
    later to find out who can go around yelling, "WE'RE NUMBER ONE!!!" Okay, just
    checked on that. It's Edgartown at 33%.

    One of the comments: Edgartown #1. No place to escape the wife or husband
    when your stuck on an island.

    Another comment makes a good point: This survey states divorce rate. That's
    not exactly true. It's how many people living in that town are currently divorced.
    So you could have divorced eighteen times, but if you're currently married to
    spouse number nineteen, you're not counted in the divorce number in the
    statistic shown.

    After office hours ended on Friday, March 6, Dr. Park (Park Place Dental
    Associates, 54 Hopedale Street) and two of the women from his office,
    Brenda and Jess, took advantage of the beautiful blue sky day to climb to
    the top of the snow farm behind their office and plant the flag.

    In the picture below, taken on February 12, you can see the beginnings of
    the pile, going from the middle left, past the highway barn and over
    toward the medical building. A huge amount of snow has been added
    there since that picture was taken. The four photos above were taken just
    past the Dumpsters that can be seen in the middle of the picture below.

Tennis anyone?

    A fork in the road. Yes, I know, a worn out old joke .The Muppets
    and others have done it (much larger fork, though) but when I
    saw it while I was walking along Dutcher Street, I couldn't resist.

    Maple tree on Inman Street being taken down. If you live in Hopedale
    and have a tree near the street cut down, in addition to the cost to the
    tree company, plan on another $400 for traffic control.

    A couple of little items from the Milford Journal,
    1892. They read like nineteenth century spam.

    Hopedale ranks twelfth highest in percentage of residents with Irish
    ancestry in Massachusetts? It's a surprise to me, but that's what the
    WCVB site says. This was another find by my son DJ (aka Dan), who
    also came up with the divorce statistic on this page.

    Click here for more on Aerosmith in
    Mendon and Hopedale.

    It feels like spring. Amazing how
    fast the snow is going down.

    Above - Two years ago. It's a lot different this year. Click
    here for "iceout" dates and pictures from past years.

Happy Pi Day

    I wasn't about to buy a card and a stamp when I
    could send you all these this way for nothing.

Irish Tower, St. Mary's Cemetery, Milford

    Evacuation Day, March 17, 1776 -
    The end of the Siege of Boston.

March 21 - First full day of spring.

The recycling center

    The old recycling center
    in the Draper parking lot.

Mill River, looking downstream from the Thwing Street bridge.

Moon and Venus - March 22.

Passenger cars for the Polar Express are still here - March 24.

Another sign of spring.

Spindleville Pond - March 27

Click here for more from the G&U yard on March 29.