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      including Progress and Soward streets.

    It had been a very long time since I was in touch with anyone from our time in
    Hopedale, or “Happy Valley” as Mr. Care, my scoutmaster, used to say, making
    fun. For me it really was a happy valley. Now that many years have passed, and
    after a life a thousand miles away, I came to question the reality of it all. It became
    more like a favorite book rather then an experience I had. Then my sister Patti put
    me in touch with this website by Dan Malloy, who in turn put me in touch with
    three old friends from those days, Dana Francis, Tim Cox and Gary Wright. This
    essay is a partial compilation of emails showing a verification of retrieved
    memories. Thanks to Dana, Tim, Gary, Patti, and Dan.

    Click here to see who is in the pictures above and read a great account of
    growing up in Hopedale in the 1960s.

March 22, 1950 - Workers at the site (near 200 Dutcher Street)
all during the day and evening numbered about 40, with about
100 others visiting just out of curiosity. Milford Daily News

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    This is how the street I lived on in Hopedale looked in winter," wrote
    Herbert B. in 1910, when sending a postcard which shows Hopedale
    Street near the center of town. The Joseph and Sylvia Bancroft house
    (the white house) is still there, as well as the home of their daughter
    Lilla, which is on the left. The fire station referred to as the hose
    house, on the right, and the house next to it are long gone. Also gone
    are the trees and the trolley tracks

         We're Number 1!!!

Without this article we would have
gone through our lives not knowing
that Hopedale once was home to
Ethel, world champ butter fat producer.

The Red Barn was where the golf
course is now.

Click here for more on the red barn fire.

Thanks to Geri Cyr for the clipping.

For pages on other farms in
Heart's Desire Farm and
Parkside  Farm.

    Thanks to Katherine Mendykowski Wright for this. Kathi had posted it on Facebook. This class
    graduated in 1976. The picture was probably taken in 1966-67.

    Mrs Kleya's 3rd grade class. Willard Gould, Melissa Young, Donald Dionne, Diane Thayer, Beth
    Vance, Wayne Larson, Roberta Carnaroli, Curt Jansen, Mary Gannett, Todd Smith, me, Peter Best,
    Anita Antelli, Cathy Miller, David Mantoni, Cindy Meaden, Bobby Libertore, Bea Recchia, Mary Marcus,
    Ricky George, Becky Wright, Tracy Ronan, Mark Deiana, Cindy Melin, Joe Potty, Kathy Jo Romiglio.

We had a bit of snow overnight, March 3-4. Area
towns had measurement of 15 to 16 inches.

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Hopedale Street

    My dear wife, Elaine, passed away on March 22. The photo was
    taken in Alaska in 2007. Click here to read a bit about her life.

       All the ice on the lower end of Hopedale Pond is gone for this
       year. Click here to see when it has happened over the years.

Hopedale in March

Ezine for March 1 - Brilliant Man, Tragic Life   

Ezine for mid-March -
Draper Open House, 1950   

Hopedale in March 2018  

Hopedale in February 2019