Community House candlepin bowling alleys, much modernized since the days when
    Dick Kelley was bowling there. They were totally rebuilt a few years ago.

    Here are some of the words that first appeared
    in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 1921.

    Hopkinton historian Dave Cormier has created a
    website with an extensive history of North Pond.
    (aka Lake Maspenock) Click here to see it.

    Hopedale Pond - February 1 - Click here for  
    pictures of the pond on January 30 and 31.

Prediction for February 1 - 2 storm.

    The ski hill, now overgrown, and with its top
    chopped off, was once in the middle of what
    you see here.. Click here to see it long ago.

Northrop Street, February 2

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February 3

February 1978 - Click here for more of the Blizzard of '78.
January 1, 2020 to February 2, 2021.

    Snowman hoarding rolls of paper
    towels? Inman Street, February 5.

G&U train approaching Mellen Street on the way to Bellingham and Franklin.

Dennett Street

    Thanks to Kelly Merchant for mentioning this sign to me. I never noticed it, even though
    I've looked in that direction often enough. It's on one of the Draper buildings. It can be
    seen from Hopedale Street near the barber shop. From there, the sign can be seen a
    little to the left of the elevator shaft that projects above the roof of one of the Draper
    buildings. I'm sure the D.T. Co, would have been the Dutcher Temple Company. That's in
    the area where drawings of the shops from the late 19th and early 20th centuries show
    that Dutcher Temple was. Click here to go to a page about the Dutcher family and
    business, and here for a page about the Draper and Dutcher temples.

The sign isn't easy to see from the street. The arrow points to where it is.

    Click here to see the article. It's at the bottom of a page
    of other articles on the G&U land acquisition issue.

    There were two trains in the G&U Hopedale yard on Lincoln's Birthday. The one
    above consisted of seventeen cars. The one below, about seven or eight.

    Smoke from a fire at The Tradesman on Route 140, Milford, on Saturday,
    February 13. Here's what the Milford News put on its website at 2"27

    Firefighters are battling a fire at The Tradesman Pub at 284 West Street
    in Milford.

    The fire was first reported at 12:58 p.m. Saturday, and when the first
    Milford police officer arrived three minutes later, he reported the building
    was fully involved.

    Firefighters from multple communities are on the scene, assisting Milford
    firefighters. The State Fire Marshals office has been called to the fire.

    The Milford News later added the following:

    MILFORD — Head cook Nick DiGellonardo was in the kitchen at The
    Tradesman when he opened a door leading upstairs — and was met with
    roaring flames.

    He slammed the door shut and ran across the kitchen.

    “I had never run so fast,” he said.

    As about 10-15 customers and other employees flooded out the back
    and front doors, DiGellonardo said he raced around the building to make
    sure no one else was inside, then grabbed his car keys on the way out.

    He was the last person in the building, he said.

    “I had to make sure (everyone was out) — they’re all my friends,” said
    DiGellonardo, a Milford resident who has worked at the restaurant for 11
    years. “It was a close one — it went up fast.”

    Click here to go to the Milford News article on the fire from Feb 15.

Traffic on Route 140 being diverted to Countryside Drive.
Feb 13, 2021
Feb 14, 2021

    Glenda Hazard, a state government employee and former Milford Daily News editor, won
    the December election over two other contenders (for select board position) by a
    landslide, taking more than half the total votes.

    Hazard did not respond to a Daily News query over whether she would run for the three-
    year term.

    Other open positions include single three-year terms on the Board of Health, Board of
    Library Trustees, Park Commission, Road Commission, and Water and Sewer
    Commission, and two three-year terms on the School Committee.

    Tree warden and town moderator, which also carry three-year terms, will be on the ballot,
    along with five-year terms on the Planning Board and Housing Authority. There are also
    one-year terms available for the Planning Board and Water and Sewer Commission.

    Anyone interested in running must make an appointment with the town clerk to pick up
    paperwork, as Town Hall is under strict COVID-19 protocol. Candidates need 29
    signatures from registered voters in Hopedale, and must make another appointment to
    return their paperwork and signatures.

    Click here to go to the complete article on the Milford Daily News site.

Extending  the fencing along the Hopedale Street side of the Draper Plant.

    No demolition was visible outside the Draper plant during
    the first two weeks of February, but it resumed by the
    middle of the month. Click here for more pictures of the
    work on the Freedom Street side.

    Saturday, February 20, was a nice day to get out on the
    pond, with the afternoon temperature of 30 and no wind.

Sunday, February 21. Another beautiful blue sky winter day.

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