Demolition of Draper plant - Freedom Street side.

Click here for demolition photos of the Hopedale Street side, south end.

Click here for demolition of the Hopedale Street side, Social to Freedom.

February 3, 2021

    I haven't seen any demolition since about the end of January. There
    has been some activity, as here on February 10, clearing up materials
    in the Draper yard. I was told by a neighbor of the plant that some kind
    of work has been going on inside.

    Below - Demo resumes.

    Fencing has now been erected along all sections of
    the shop that face Hopedale and Freedom streets.
Postcard showing the Draper plant in 1906.

    Someone asked about those circles on a Draper building near Freedom
    Street, on one of the Hopedale Facebook pages. I have no idea what the
    reason for them was, but if I find out, I'll put the answer here.