Town Park flagpole. Park Street School on left.

Picture from 1921 Town Report. Chapel Street School

    Draper Plant Demolition - Freedom Street   


    Twenty-five years ago – February 1996 - René Préval succeeds Jean-Bertrand Aristide as
    President of Haiti in the first peaceful handover of power since the nation achieved
    independence 192 years earlier, in 1804.

    The Bosnian government declares the end of the Siege of Sarajevo.

    Fifty years ago – February 1971 - NASDAQ founded.

    Apollo 14 lands on the Moon.

    Sylmar earthquake hits the Greater Los Angeles Area, killing 64 and injuring 2,000.

    Satchel Paige becomes the first Negro League player to become voted into the Baseball Hall
    of Fame from the Negro League.

    Apollo 14 returns to Earth after the third manned Moon landing.

    Backed by American air and artillery support, South Vietnamese troops invade Laos.

    Evel Knievel sets a world record and jumps 19 cars in Ontario, California.

    News items above are from Wikipedia. For Hopedale news from 25, 50 and 100 years
    ago, see below this text box.


                                                    Hopedale in 1921, Part 2

                                         News items from the weekly Milford Gazette

    May 13 – High school pupils hung Miss Lucy Day a May basket Friday evening.

    Electric lights have been installed in the manual training room at the high school.

    The tennis courts on the park are being rebuilt by A.P. Claridge, the baseball diamond
    leveled, and the park reseeded. During the work Monday, Giuseppe Risoli severely crushed a
    finger in the trench digging machine.

    May 20 – Tuesday evening, at the home of Christelle Hazard, the Camp Fire Girls tendered a
    miscellaneous shower to Miss Doris Simpson, who will be married June 1 to Donald McCaslin.

    Asa A. Westcott will leave tomorrow by automobile for a few days fishing trip to Maine.

    May 27 – The high school will hold its annual prize speaking contest this evening in Town Hall.

    Rev. E.C. Whiting of South Sudbury preached at the Union Church Sunday. W.F. Burrill was
    the soloist at the evening service.

    June 3 – Five grandsons of Mrs. Alice Knox hung her a well filled May basket Friday evening.

    Kathleen Hattersley entertained friends Friday evening in celebration of her 11th birthday.

    Chief Kellogg and several local firemen took the auto pump of the local department to Upton
    Tuesday evening to assist at the fire which destroyed the shoddy mill.

    June 10 - Matilda B. (Mahood), wife of Andrew Barker, died Wednesday night at a Boston
    hospital from childbirth. She was 29 years old. Funeral services will be held from her home
    here Sunday afternoon.

    June 17 – A 75-foot flag pole for the Town Park arrived here Wednesday from the Lawler
    ship yards at East Boston.

    The high school graduation exercises will be held in Town Hall next Thursday evening. J.L.
    Barbour will give the address and a reception to the graduating class will follow the exercises.

    The body of Walter H. Tillotson who was killed in action in France while serving with the
    Machine Gun Co., 306th Inf. 77th Div., arrived here Saturday and lay in state in Town Hall until
    Sunday afternoon when members of he American Legion, the Odd Fellows, Foresters and the
    Woman’s auxiliary, A.L. of Milford escorted the body to the Union Church. Rev. E.L. Loomis
    offered prayer and gave the eulogy, and a male quartet sang. A profusion of floral tributes
    were in evidence. At the grave at Vernon Grove Cemetery, Milford, the Odd Fellows and
    Legion rituals were used. A last volley was fired and taps were sounded.

    June 24 – The assessors have announced a tax rate of $10.

    The high school seniors, who received diplomas last night were Alice Bateson, Esther Draper,
    Hortense Fister, Ethel Gilmore, Christelle Hazard, Robert Austin, Theodore, MacLauchland,
    Francis Martin and John Woodbury.

    July 1 – The new flag pole is being set up on the north side of the Town Park.

    Owing to recent new laws regulating the display of fireworks the program announced for next
    Monday evening has been entirely cancelled.

    Mrs. Ophelia M. Snyder has entered a suit for slander in the superior court at Worcester
    against Mrs. Nellie B. Rollins. The case will probably be heard next week.

    July 8 – The family of G. Russell Goff is at Onset for the month of July.                            
    July 15 – Friday over 450 persons enjoyed the privileges of the bath house, establishing a
    record for any one day.

    The 35th reunion of the high school was held in Town Hall Friday night.

    July 22 – Walter Meade and family have been at North Adams for the past few days.

    Mrs. Sarah W. Knights observed the 92nd anniversary of her birth Monday, receiving the
    congratulations of neighbors and a host of friends.

    August 5 – Friday the office help of the Draper plant presented an electric iron and a picture
    of the Hopedale Pond to Miss Mabel Forbes who was married Wednesday to William Larson.

    An effort is being made to secure a medal for heroism for Lewis Gorman, 14 years old, who
    recently rescued Sadie Dillon and Margaret Owens of Waltham from drowning in the Hopedale

    August 12 – Mrs. Sophia Greenwood is having a bungalow erected on Dennett Street.

    Game Warden Durgin recently released a consignment of pheasants in local covers.

    August 19 - On the Town Park Saturday Hopedale defeated Whitinsville 13 to 0. Patrick
    Connors, captain of the visiting nine, was hit in the jaw by a ball and was taken to the Milford
    hospital for treatment.

    An enjoyable community social was held Friday evening as an introduction to the field day
    Saturday and the parade of doll carriages, bicycles and floats was much admired.

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The night before field day bicycle parade.
Field day photos.