More words first included in the Merriam-
    Webster Dictionary in 1921.

    The Joseph and Sylvia Bancroft house, before and after
    some changes were made.

    This house at 49 Hopedale Street was originally the home of Charles and Lura (Bancroft) Day. In
    their time, it was named Bellecrest. The Almon and Sarah Thwing house had been on this site, but
    was moved across the street when the Day house was built. Later, when the Bancroft Library was
    built, the Thwing house was moved to Union Street. Click here for the story of the Thwing house.

    A typo from ebay. On the left, post card showing
    the original office of the "diaper co."

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    Thanks for the liver, DJ. I wonder if that E-Z Serve
    Liver Loaf from the fifties is still available. Or maybe
    we could just wait until one of those liver and onions
    trucks come jingling down the street.