Robert Goddard in Auburn with his first rocket.

    By 1926, Goddard had constructed and successfully tested the
    first rocket using liquid fuel. Indeed, the flight of Goddard’s rocket
    on March 16, 1926, at Auburn, Massachusetts, was as significant
    to history as that of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk. NASA

    For the reason for Goddard's appearance in Hopedale in 1921,
    see December 9 in the article below.

    Overdale Parkway   Including recent Milford News articles on proposed houses.

    Parklands/G&U Issue  Recent Milford News articles added.

    Draper Plant Demolition   


    Twenty-five years ago – March 1996 - Iraq disarmament crisis: Iraqi forces refuse UNSCOM
    inspection teams access to five sites designated for inspection. The teams enter the sites only
    after delays of up to seventeen hours.

    Unemployed former shopkeeper Thomas Hamilton walks into the Dunblane Primary School in
    Scotland and opens fire, killing sixteen infant school pupils and one teacher before committing

    Fifty years ago – March 1971 - A bomb explodes in the men's room at the United States Capitol;
    the Weather Underground claims responsibility.

    The Ed Sullivan Show airs its final episode.

    U.S. Army Lieutenant William Calley is found guilty of 22 murders in the My Lai Massacre and
    sentenced to life in prison (he is later pardoned).

    A Los Angeles jury recommends the death penalty for Charles Manson and female followers
    Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten.

    News items above are from Wikipedia. For Hopedale news from 25, 50 and 100 years
    ago, see below this text box.


                                                   Hopedale in 1921, Part 3

                                        Items from the weekly Milford Gazette,
                                                    obtained at the Bancroft Library

    September 2Capt. Eben S. Draper and Chief S.E. Kellogg took 18 men to Worcester Tuesday
    to take out first naturalization papers.

    At the recent Dover field day, the Draper Corp. firemen won the second prize in the dry hose
    coupling contest; time 11 seconds flat, and captured first in the relay; time three minutes and 17
    seconds. On Labor Day morning, they will enter the contests in Milford, and in Ashland in the

    September 9 – Several Milford young men were caught stealing apples here Friday and were
    detained by Officer Drisko. They were released after a reprimand.

    September 16 – The superintendents and main office force of the Draper Corporation held their
    annual outing Saturday afternoon at the Sherborn playground, dinner being served at the Hynson
    farm at Natick at the close of an amusing card of sports for which prizes were presented. The
    single men defeated the married men at baseball, 4 to 1.

    September 23 – Mrs. Jessie E. Roberts has instituted suit for $5000 against Charles W. Russell
    of Upton. Mrs. Roberts was struck by the Russell automobile Sept 8, sustaining a fractured leg.

    September 30 – Kleber Campbell has resumed his studies at Yale College, and Robert Austin
    has entered the same institution as a freshman.

    Joseph Friedlander has been transferred from Worcester Tech to Brown University.

    October 7 – Francis Martin has entered Tufts College. Miss Mabel Arey has resumed her studies
    at the Emerson College of Oratory, being enrolled in the junior class.

    Of the 79 graduates for the high school in the past eight years, 29 have gone directly to college.
    At present, four are at Brown, two at Yale, two at Worcester Tech, one at Tufts Dental School, two
    at Boston University and one at Wellesley.

    October 21 – Mrs. William Nelson is ill with typhoid fever at the home of her daughter in
    Waterbury, Conn.

    The Hopedale Mandolin Club played at Framingham Monday for an entertainment of the Knights
    of Malta.

    The League of Women Voters will present the play, “How Maggie McTaggart Became a Citizen,” in
    Town Hall Thursday evening,

    October 28 – William O’Donnell is ill with typhoid fever at the Milford Hospital.

    A wage reduction of relatively ten percent will become effective at the Draper plant next week.

    November 4Miss Marjorie Arnold celebrated her seventh birthday Friday afternoon by
    entertaining a number of her young friends at a Halloween party.

    On the Town Park Saturday, the soccer eleven lost to the Norton A.A. of Worcester 2 to 1.

    November 11 – The Draper plant is not observing Armistice Day today, but all employees who
    desire to take the holiday were given permission to do so.

    November 18Robinson Billings and Arthur Sadler are ill with the mumps.

    Under the auspices of the Legion, exercises in observance of Armistice Day were held Friday
    noon before the honor roll. The speaker was Rev. C.F. Niles and a double male quartet sang.

    November 25 – The Hopedale soccer eleven was defeated here by Whitinsville Saturday, 4 to 2
    in a disagreeable snow storm.

    The no-school signal was sounded Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on account of the
    dangerous condition of the highways resulting from the ice storm.

    December 2 – Joseph M. Katz and Miss Sadie Miller, both of Worcester, were marred Sunday by
    Rabbi Nathan Fletcher of Milford, at the home of Mrs. Max Kupperman, here. About 150 guests
    witnessed the ceremony, which was followed by vocal and instrumental selections and Russian folk
    dancing. Refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. Katz have gone to Montreal for a wedding trip.

    December 9 George Albert Draper has opened his Boston residence.

    Roy E. Westcott and Ted Gabry shot a deer in the Mendon woods, Tuesday.

    The Unitarian Men’s Club enjoyed a supper Tuesday evening and an address by Prof. R.H.
    Goddard of Clark University on “Experimental development and possibilities of the rocket in high
    altitude research.”

    On account of the damage from the storm last week the Grafton & Upton line has been obliged to
    use a steam engine hired from Boston, during the past few days.

    December 30 – The valuable Chow dog, consigned to Dana Osgood, which ran away from the
    American Express office In Milford, was captured here Friday by Walter F. Durgin and Charles
    Lawrence. The express company offered a reward of $25 for the capture of the animal.

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Dutcher Street after an ice storm - December 1921

    The World War I honor roll can be seen on the Depot Street side of the Town Hall in
    this photo. It was the site of the Armistice Day observance in 1921.

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Hopedale News - March 1971

Hopedale News - March 1921

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