Adirondacks at the Lookout

    During the mid-1960s, some Adirondack cabins were built in the Lookout
    section of the Hopedale Parklands. As I recall, there were five of them. George
    Daniels was the scoutmaster at that time. Leigh Allen, Fred Loeper and I (Dan
    Malloy) were the assistant scoutmasters. Fred and two or three of the scouts'  
    fathers were carpenters. Wood was donated by Draper Corporation and nails
    were donated by Hopedale Hardware. Within five or ten years, vandals had
    burned them all.

    The pictures came from a small binder at the Bancroft Library. They were
    done by the Draper photography department, and had a label that said:

    Troop Project "Lookout"
    Troop 1 Hopedale B.S.A.
    George Daniels - Scoutmaster

    I said they lasted a year or so after being built, but a few days after I put up this
    page, I received the following from a former assistant scoutmaster.

    I remember the lean-to's being there in the mid 70's. I think they burned in the
    late 70's. We camped in them with the Boy Scouts.

    John :-)*

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