A Walk Through the Parklands

                                                                              The Lookout

    The Lookout, known years ago as Darling Hill, is located in the part of the Parklands that is west of the
    G&U tracks. You can reach it from a path near the tracks, or by a ten minute walk along the path that
    begins at the end of Overdale Parkway. To reach the Lookout from the west side of Hopedale Pond, take
    the side path described on Parklands Walk, page 4. You'll soon come to a fork. Take path to the left. When
    you get to the tracks, you'll see the path going up the hill on the other side. It's shown in the picture below.
    A few more minutes will bring you to the Lookout.

    The picture titled Park Shelter, Darling Hill is from an early town report. Because there were so few trees
    then, the view was better than now. The Park Department history reports that the shelter was built in 1908
    for $311.48. The road that became Overdale Parkway, and the extension to the Lookout, was built in 1916-
    17. The shelter was repaired in 1923 and rebuilt in 1929. In the mid-1960s, Hopedale Boy Scout Troop 1,
    built five Adirondack cabins in the area,(bottom picture) with lumber supplied by Draper Corporation and
    nails provided by Hopedale Hardware. Within five or ten years, they had all been burned down.

    The 1917 Report of the Park Commissioners stated that Great Blue Hill, among other places, could be
    seen from the Lookout. It that still true? Here's what I found.   

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    In the Google Earth views below, the
    area where the Lookout is is circled.

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