Hopedale - 1888

    You may have to scroll back and forth to see the entire map.

    I've reduced the size of this view of Hopedale considerably. If you'd like a larger copy, email
    me (link on homepage), and I'll send you a 1.24 mb pdf version. It does come out better that
    way, so if you'd like to take a closer look for details, it would be worth doing.

    A few comments on the "border pictures."

    The (Warren) Dutcher homestead still stands at the corner of Dutcher and Adin streets.

    The Unitarian Church in the picture was replaced, on the same site, with the present church
    in 1898.

    The Lapworth home (Adin Street), and the Bancroft home (Hopedale Street) still stand,
    though both extensively renovated since these pictures were drawn.

                                      Hoppedale 1899                              Hopedale 1916                       

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