“It is a matter of record that the immediate cause of the founding of the Milford Hospital was a letter written by Dr. Knight to Mrs. Draper, the wife of Eben S. Draper, afterwards Gov. Draper. In this letter he called their attention to the great need of a hospital for the towns of Milford and Hopedale, together with a considerable number of prosperous towns surrounding them. The idea at once interested Mr. and Mrs. Draper. Soon things began to be done. In 1900 the Milford Hospital Corporation was organized, a convenient location was furnished by Mr. Draper, and in 1903, the complete hospital, built, furnished and fully equipped by Mr. and Mrs. Draper, was presented to the corporation, and began it’s work.” Milford Daily News, Feb. 8, 1930.

The article above is from the Cushing Academy Bulletin for September 1930.

Milford Daily News - Feb 8, 1930.

Thanks to David Lowell for the Cushing Academy Bulletin article  about Dr. Marcus Knight.

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